The Heartbeat of Hazlo

verb, \ˈaus-loh\: do it; make it

As a brand, we exist to provide a platform for doers across the globe to use their God-given talents and skills: from weaving patterns and tanning leather in remote villages to styling and selling merchandise on urban neighborhoods. Every spontaneous idea, every creative stitch, every business decision – everything we do is accompanied by one single question:

“Will this carry good?” 

Hazlo Handmade Guatemala Fair Trade Hand Woven Leather Bags Accessories Belts Antigua Slow Fashion Purse Jewelry1768.jpg

If the answer is yes, we respond. We do. We make.

While Hazlo seeks to make an impact around the world, we also strive to remain grounded in our roots. This is why every piece of our collection is handcrafted in Guatemala, inspired by its people, culture, and landscape. Our logo intentionally includes a valley, symbolizing the place where we learn, and a mountaintop, symbolizing the place where we rejoice. Our mission is to join others as they carry on from place to place.

We hope we can meet you wherever you are on your journey as a doer. Whether you’re walking through a valley, fighting an uphill battle or enjoying the view from the top – keep on doing. Together, let’s carry good.

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