Meet Your Maker

Once your Hazlo Handmade piece is in your hands, our hope is that it continues to carry good through your own lives. Our promise is that every handmade piece starts with good. Your Hazlo Handmade impacted and will continue to impact the hands that made it. A local Guatemalan with a good story and calloused hands determined to live a life of good purpose made your Hazlo Handmade. Like all of us, they don’t always see the good - much less believe it - but that is where we come in.

Maybe their skills had been taken advantage of, maybe they lost their job, maybe someone told them they were not good enough, maybe they just gave up on on believing in anything good. Perhaps your Hazlo Handmade created a job, or challenged the maker’s creativity to convince them of their talent. Or maybe your bag’s wages put food on the table, paid this month’s water bill, or funded a daughter’s education. Hazlo Handmade does carry good, not just in your life, but first, in the lives of our makers. In every decision we make, we make sure it carries good in the lives of our makers with fair wages, respect for their handicraft and encouragement to keep challenging their creativity. Our makers comes first, always. Without a maker, we don’t exist. We have been forming these relationships since 2013, before this idea came to fruition and we will continue to expand our network and impact as we grow.

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