Mom and Dad

On September 19th at 11:20 AM I am doing something I have never done before in honor of two people that deserve every bit of the credit.

My dad’s birthday is September 19th.

My mom’s birthday is November 20th.

It would take me about .3 seconds to convince you I have been the most challenging child of three to raise. I am the middle child. I was 10 lbs. and 2 oz. I bit and aggravated my siblings. I was the child that locked Gussie and Annie (the woman that raised us while my parents worked) outside when they would go get a switch to whip my rear for being bad. I carved a heart in my ankle in middle school after I dyed some of my hair blue. The child who couldn't keep a secret. I forged my dad’s signature on a science test that I got a 13 on and then convinced him that he really did sign it. I’ll skip over my high school ways. I chose to go to Ole Miss instead of UGA like the rest of my family. After graduation, I moved to Guatemala for a year instead of getting a “real job”. I started a non-profit with a friend that couldn’t exactly financially support us. I dropped out of nursing school. I got the job of my dreams working for Jeb Bush, but it was unpaid. I cried  over a boy in their kitchen, decided to quit my well-paying sales job, and convinced my dad to hire me to do his accounting.

Let me admit that I 100% own the fact that I am their rebel child.

Since the beginning my senior year at Ole Miss, I had a general idea of the direction I felt called to in life. It was far off and was not going to come without challenges. No one in my family was in the industry. I knew my parents would think I had lost my mind. I lost sight along the way, but all in all, I kept my eye on the prize even in the midst of those random jobs that seemed pointless.

My mom and dad have loved me the whole time. They have never told me I was their hardest child. When my dreams kept them up at night, they stayed quiet and lost sleep. They have challenged me with their doubts but pushed me to dig deeper. They never gave up on me. When I said I was giving up, they did not let that option sit on the table. They pushed me to the point of tears sometimes. They never stopped giving. They let me make mistakes. They have bragged on me. They have given me the world. They gave advice even when I would not take it. They have pointed me to the Cross. The have been the perfect dose of Grace and Truth.

Mama gave me my love for fashion. She has shown me what humble confidence looks like. She has taught me the importance of experiencing new cultures first hand. She has taught me to see the good in everyone, that everyone has something to bring to the table. She has proved that corporate America is actually a good thing. Dad has been my very own Shark Tank. He has taught me that it is not a bad thing to make money. He has challenged every business decision. He has shown me the challenges of small business. He has told me when my ideas just don’t make sense. He has noticed my creativity. He has convinced me to celebrate good things after they happen, not before.

Hazlo Handmade would be just another idea in the clouds without them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This one’s for you, Mama and Dad. I am doin’ it. I can only pray that Hazlo’s success will be proof that you two are in fact, the Globe’s greatest! Happy birthday. I love you both to the moon and back.

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