Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you ever do sales or offer promo codes?

Our prices are created with and for our artisans. We want to ensure they are receiving fair wages for their handmade work, their time, and their talent passed down over centuries. That being said, we will do two sales a year. Follow along with us @hazlohandmade on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out!


How do you find your artisan partners?

Our founder moved to Guatemala after visiting for the first time and volunteering in a medical clinic for a week. Since 2013, she hasn’t stopped building relationships with the locals, specifically the artisans. Most of our current artisans have been with us since we started this dream. As we grow, we have specific artisans in mind that we plan to welcome to the Hazlo Family.


Do you foresee taking your designs to other countries?

Our founder would be the first to admit she is a dreamer. She'd be lying if she said she doesn’t have a country or two in mind to expand into but right now, Guatemala is what we know, where we feel called, and where we feel needed.


How do I protect my Hazlo Handmade product? 

Our leather products are made to only get better with time. You bag is made to go about your beautiful life with you, whether you are traveling to Australia or just running to Whole Foods. Just like any leather, we suggest keeping your product from getting wet. While we don’t recommend dipping your bag in water, we have done it and our bag survived just fine. For suede leather, we suggest using a suede protectant spray to keep the suede from getting dirty.

Our products with textiles are handwoven and hand-dyed using plant pigments, which is how we get such incredible colors. Try to keep your textiles away from water as the colors can bleed ... and we would hate for you to dye your #ootd.

Our ceramic accessories are handmade and hand-painted. We suggest wrapping them separately when traveling to keep them in tip-top shape.


What is the best way to clean a Hazlo Handmade bag? 

For the soft leather, we suggest using a mild leather conditioner that is specifically designed to be used on handbags. Use a sponge and rub the cream on the dirty area of the leather. There are many leather cleaners and conditioners that are combined into one product that will prolong the life of your natural unfinished leather handbag.

For suede leather, we suggest using a suede protectant spray to keep it from getting dirty as suede can be difficult to clean.


Will my jeans dye my leather bag? 

New jeans and a new manicure is a dangerous combo, or is it just us? Have you ever looked down and realized your freshly manicured nails are now a not-so-pleasant shade of blue from your new jeans? The worst! This can happen to your Hazlo Handmade as well, and is a common problem for all types of leather when rubbed up against harshly dyed products like denim. There are products on the market today that may help with setting the dye in your jeans.


What is your return/exchange policy? accepts returns/exchanges within 14 days of the date on which your order was placed. Please read more about our policies here


Do you offer repairs?

While our products have been tried and tested, sometimes accidents happen. If your Hazlo Handmade bag is damaged, please email us at with a picture and we will ALWAYS fix your bag. 

We still pay our makers to repair damaged products, so if your bag is damaged due to an issue other than normal wear and tear, please email us and depending on the product and the damage, we will come up with a fair plan to fix your product that honors both you and our makers.


Do you sell your products in any stores?

Yes! See our retail partners here.


Do you offer wholesale partnerships?

Yes! Read about our wholesale options here.


Do you ever do trunk shows?

We do! Check out trunk show details here.