From the cow farmer to the final assembly of your bag, your Hazlo Handmade passes through the hands of more local Guatemalan Artisans than you realize. Each set of hands plays a part.


Throughout the assembly of your bag we have:

-A leather tanner

-A leather distributor

-A local village women-using cotton to make the thread

-Someone creating the dye, through flowers, to bring color to these threads

-An indigenous woman weaving their unique village pattern

-A textile distributor


Together, they create your Hazlo Handmade.



Inside your Hazlo Handmade, you will find a serial number. Because our bags are all made by hand, with unique detail, no two exactly alike and they are not mass-produced. We want you to see just how unique your product is, that is why we provide you with a serial number. These numbers let you know that you are apart of the Hazlo Story and mission to create jobs and empower the Guatemalan people. If your serial number reads 0002, you are the owner of our second bag ever made, and you created a job for a local Guatemalan.